Buy, Sell, Rent or Share with the people you trust.

  • Recycle great things with your friends.
  • A local marketplace driven by your contacts.
  • Safer then ever, You know your contacts :)
  • Its fun and easy to buy, sell, giveaway or rent with Pick Pack

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Buy, Sell or Rent Items with confidence. Your contacts are the best folks to transact with first.

Privacy matters

The items you've listed are by default only visible to your contacts. No hassle transactions!

Discover amazing items

Looking for stroller for your new born? You can probably find it in Pick Pack from one of your friends.

List it in a minute

Have a bike, phone, or table you don't need? List it in less than 30 seconds. One of your neighbors may love to take it?

Rent, Sell Or Giveaway

An easy way to "Rent, Sell and Giveaway" used items within your contacts.

Safe Messaging

Use your preferred means of communication - Whatsapp, SMS, email..etc

Items Near You

Geolocation helps you locate the items on the go and items near you, so you could schedule the pick up.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for the Item?

Whether renting or buying, we recommend all transactions take place in person, with cash. Shipping items and online payments are not recommended, as you should always inspect the item in person prior to purchase. If the item is not satisfactory you have no obligation to complete the transaction. Politely decline to purchase.

How to contact seller?

If you wish to take the item listed, tap on Buy button and make an offer immediately to let the seller know your interest. Also, there are multiple means provided within app to start the conversation via Whatsapp, SMS or email.

What does Rental and Giveaway work?

Easily identify whether the item is for rental, Sale or Giveway looking at the color of the ribbon in top right of the item.

Giveaway items - Item owner is willing to give the item for free, So they are of high demand, Make a offer as soon as you feel interested. Ex. Monitors, kids bike..etc

Rental Items - Item owner is willing to give the item is specified rental duration. Mutually Agree on the payment terms and item condition before the rental takes place. If the item is of high value, Make a paper agreement if deemed necessary. Ex. Road bikes, Lawn mowers..etc

Posting Rules?

Simple, There are no rules. Post anything you want to share with your friends,Just be legitimate and respectful to the community.

How to post an item in Pick Pack?

Posting item is as simple as completing 4 steps

  1. Title Screen -
    • Enter a title
    • Upload upto 4 pictures
    • Select offer type - Rent, Sell or Giveaway
  2. Details Screen -
    • Select category
    • Enter description and anything you wish to say
    • Choose item condition
  3. Save Screen -
    • Confirm Location
    • Enter Price or it is "0" for giveaway item
    • Save
  4. Share and enjoy!

Quick Tips

  • To Reset Location - Go to Settings-->More (Top right corner button) --> Set Current Location
  • To ReSync Contacts - Go to Settings-->More (Top right corner button) --> ReSync Contacts
  • To Create New Item - Open Left Menu --> Click the bottom item called "Create New item"

What is Archived Items?

Any items that you do not wish to see in your main listings may be moved to archived, If you wish to bring it back to listing, simply activate the item and choose to edit as needed.

More questions?

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Story behind the app

Pick Pack was made with only one vision in the mind - Help Friends exchange used or new items that sometimes remain utilized forever.

Hi, we are Vasanth and Sindhu - founders of Pickpack. Our Story is simple, While we were getting ready to welcome our new baby boy, We realized that our favorite friends & family wanted to share the used items like stroller, crib and 100 other items :), but there was no clear way to keep track of it. So, with nothing more said, "We created Pick Pack" :-)

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